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I am a NYC firearms dealer. I own and operate a gun shop & range in Queens, known as WOODHAVEN RIFLE & PISTOL RANGE. My family has been in this business for 50 years. When I was arrested and accused of facilitating an illegal firearms transfer in 2006, I did not know exactly where to turn. All of my licenses were immediately taken from me, and my entire inventory was confiscated by the police. I turned to the LAW OFFICES OF JOHN S. CHAMBERS.  John Chambers has a great knowledge of the laws pertaining to firearms as well as having a keen instinct into the workings of the Police Department’s Pistol License Division. He not only made this horrible experience bearable, but he made me feel someone was there at any time I needed him. He actually listened to what I was saying and gave me the best advice to suit my situation. John and his staff contacted every agency to make sure everything was being handled properly.

John Chambers was there and though he could not make any guarantee, he did all in his power to assure not only my personal licenses were returned, but my dealer licenses as well. John and his staff were always efficient, knowledgeable and quick to get results throughout this whole process.

As a firearms dealer and the owner of a range, I have never before been very comfortable recommending firearms attorneys to my customers. Now, after dealing with John Chambers and his staff, I have NO problem highly recommending his law firm. This is one lawyer who is truly looking out for his client from start to finish. For this and much more I am truly grateful.

Michael Spallone, Owner

Woodhaven Rifle and Pistol Range

Woodhaven, Queens, New York

Michael Spallone

Woodhaven Rifle and Pistol Range

NYC GUN DEALER hires The Chambers Law Firm 
He is more than satisfed with the law firm's work, and writes:

I am a former high-ranking security officer for the Trump Organization. I can attest to the fact that Mr. Chambers CAN AND DOES work miracles. Even though I have a law enforcement background, as a retired Detective with the Waterfront Commission, I have three (3) arrests in my past.  These arrests initially prevented me from obtaining my concealed handgun license.  When I found the CHAMBERS LAW FIRM, everything turned around. Mr. Chambers submitted an appeal and HE WON!

I spent many years proudly serving Mr. Donald J. Trump, and his family.  Without Mr. Chambers, I would not have been licensed for concealed carry in NYC.  In my estimation, Mr. Chambers is #1 in gun licensing law.  (Name withheld at the request of the client).




I have to thank Mr. Chambers and his staff for helping me in the renewal of my pistol license. Without the Chambers Law firm I would have lost my concealed carry license. I have a carry licence which the License Division would not renew. I am the owner of a small business in New York City, and I carry cash in and out of some very dangerous neighborhoods. When I tried to renew, I was told I did not have significant cash, and that I had no threats against me. I was at my wits end and did not know where to turn, until I found the Chambers law firm. Mr. Chambers took care of my problem without delay. The firm seems passionate about their work. A million times thank you to the Chambers Law firm.



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Dear Mr. Chambers, I would not have my business carry permit if it were not for your law firm. When I applied over a year ago, everything seemed to be going smoothly, and then I found out that I was going to be denied…..Having found your website via the Internet, I gave you a call and you assured me right away that you could and would take care of the matter at hand….Your expertise in this field was very apparent from the start.  Thanks to you and your law office, I am today a fully functional licensed private investigator who is able to provide service of armed security and executive protection for my clients.

Craig J. Cusanelli

Cusanelli Investigations

Private Investigator, Mr. Craig J. Cusanelli, President: Cusanelli Investigations, Inc.

I was denied appointment with the NYPD based upon “psych” reasons. Later on, I applied to the NYPD for a handgun license in connection with my job as a NYS Criminal Investigator.  NYPD denied my carry license. I retained the LAW OFFICES OF JOHN S. CHAMBERS to fight this denial, and Mr. Chambers submitted an administrative appeal and WON.

If it wasn’t for Mr. Chambers, I would have lost my job, and I would have had to give up my dreams of a career in law enforcement.

I cannot thank Mr. Chambers, and his staff, enough.


Mr. Chambers, thank you and your staff for your amazing efforts in procuring a return of my pistol license. This was the second time within a year the Nassau County PD suspended my gun license. I was sure they would revoke it. I am a retired NYPD Detective. I now stood charged with domestic violence against my ex-girlfriend, who had an ongoing problem with an addiction to prescription medications, including Vicodin.

Mr. Chambers, you and your staff believed in my character, and got the job done. For this, I am truly grateful.  Your strong efforts on my behalf turned this case around, and gave me back something very precious to me: my name, and my reputation.  I will highly recommend your law firm to anyone with a pistol license problem. Sincerely, Retired NYC Detective Julian C. Jones, Jr.